Jeremy Evans Photography

Landscape Collection

Growing up in the Rocky Mountain region, I became captivated with vast remote landscapes at the age of 8. My true passion is photographing in our Public Lands and National Parks, the more remote the better. I often spend up to 8 months a year off the grid enjoying the nature and solitude our shared earth has to offer. It is my hope that these images will bring environmental awareness to others and inspire more awareness to protect our shared planet.

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Dark Sky & Astronomy Collection

Reconnecting with our night sky is very important to me. The night sky is our ancestral heritage. As a photographer and amateur astronomer I’ve been studying and capturing the cosmos for over 30 years. As an effort to preserve our night sky I partnered with the International Dark Sky Association  7 years ago to help promote dark sky preservation. 

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Wildlife Collection

Who doesn’t love nature and wildlife? I can sit for hours and even days (I’ve done that!) to get that perfect shot. I have the upmost respect and admiration for all creatures, I feel privileged to be a visitor in their environment. All my wildlife images have been captured in their native environment. 

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Commercial Projects & Videos

I’ve been so fortunate in my 20+ year career in the film and television business to experience some amazing adventures. Whether it’s exploring pyramids in Egypt, searching for WWII wreckage in the south pacific, working for NASA and JPL with awesome spacecrafts and rovers, or working on a documentary about someone I admire, it’s been an amazing journey. 

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